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Penn Offering a James Franco-Inspired Class Next Spring

Next spring, students at Penn will be able to take a course inspired by the literary recommendations of actor James Franco. Taught by English Department professor […]

School District of Philadelphia
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NYT: Do Philly Schools Face an Impossible Task?

The New York Times has a profile today of Philadelphia School Superintendent William Hite. The piece gets interesting when it gently raises the possibility that Hite, […]

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Central PA Family Suing to Let Daughter Wrestle

It’s not been so long since we told you about Amanda Leve, the Philly girl who is awaiting permission to wrestle boys on behalf of […]

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LGBT History Month Goes to L.A.

Equality Forum in Philadelphia partnered with the nation’s second-largest school district in Los Angeles for LGBT History Month.

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Weirdest Partnership Ever? Not Really.

Lady Gaga partners with Office Depot on a line of school supplies to benefit the Born This Way Foundation.

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Milton Hershey Offers Admission to HIV+ Student

The Milton Hershey School reversed its decision against admitting HIV-positive students, apologizing and offering the ninth grader at the center of a lawsuit admission to the prestigious boarding school for low-income students in Hershey, PA.

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Who We Love: Kameron Slade

Kameron Slade delivers his speech for gay marriage at New York’s City Council. He’s in fifth grade.

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Weekend Roundup

Friday, May 4 Equality Forum continues today with the National Legal Panel (4 p.m.) and National Politics Panel (5:30 p.m.) at the National Constitution Center. […]

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Queer, Young and Bullied

A new report about “Being LGBT in the 21st Century” shows some sobering statistics about what it means to be young and LGBT today in […]

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Ryan White’s Mother to Hershey

As we’ve been reporting for the last few weeks, the Milton S. Hershey School has come under fire from several AIDS organizations for refusing to […]

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Outlawing Gay – One State at a Time

If they’re not slandering the LGBT community then they’re simply refusing to talk about it. Period. At least that’s what’s happening in Utah this week […]

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Bullying Starts Early

“That’s so gay.” According to a new report from GLSEN, the word “gay” is being used by kids as early as elementary school – and […]