Morning Headlines: Preservationist Howard Haas On the Boyd Theatre Verdict

For a split second there it seemed as if the Boyd Theatre would get its happy ending, last minute hero and all. But to the […]


Partial Boyd Demo Recommended By Committee

The latest from Inga Saffron’s live tweeting of the hardship committee hearing on the Boyd Theater: Philly committee recommends demo of Boyd theater, last golden […]

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Breaking: Caped Preservation Crusader Offers to Buy the Boyd

Inga Saffron reports that “an anonymous donor has come forward and offered to purchase the theater on behalf of a preservation-minded non-profit.” The Boyd Theatre, […]


Morning Headlines: 84 Percent Endorse iPic’s Plan for the Boyd

Yesterday, Philly mag conducted a poll that asked the question: “Is it time to tear down the Boyd?” A startling 84 percent of respondents said, “Yes, […]


Is It Time to Tear Down the Boyd Theater?

This is the old Boyd Theater on the 1900 block of Chestnut Street. The once-glorious Art Deco movie theater has been dormant since 2002 and […]