Refinery Explosion

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The South Philly Refinery Explosion Was a Failure in City Transparency

We’ve relived the event over and over: On June 21st, the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery complex exploded and sent a blazing ball of fire and […]

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PES Explosion Released Highly Toxic Chemical Into Atmosphere, Investigators Say

This story has been updated. The massive explosions that occurred at a South Philly oil refinery complex this past June released more than 5,000 pounds […]

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What We Know (So Far) About the Future of the PES Refinery

Before this summer, the average Philadelphian likely rarely considered Philadelphia Energy Solutions, the massive oil refinery complex located northeast of the airport. Maybe you, like me, occasionally passed the […]

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City Says Not to Be Concerned About the Weather-Related “Odor” at PES Refinery

People living or driving near the soon-to-shutter Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refinery Complex in South Philadelphia may have noticed a strange smell in the air this week. […]

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Kenney: PES Refinery “Intends to Shut Down” as Blast Investigation Begins

This is a developing story and may be updated. The South Philadelphia oil refinery complex that shook the city with a series of explosions last week […]