Forest & Main Is Expanding

Forest & Main is currently in the early stages of an expansion, which is especially good news for anyone who enjoys their funky barrel-aged saisons and bottle releases (which would mean us).

Things to Do

These Vintage Rocky Puppets Are Terrifying

I happened to stumble upon a set of Rocky and Mr. T boxing puppets that were for sale on Etsy, and, oh boy, talk about nightmare […]

City Life

Remembering the 2000 Philadelphia RNC: Puppets, Police and The Rock

On July 12th, 2000, Philadelphia police engaged in a shootout with 30-year-old Thomas Jones. An Action News helicopter followed the ensuing police chase, and showed […]

Things to Do

Isabella Rossellini’s Green Porno: Sex With Paper and Puppets

It’s like you walked into the Paper Source store on Walnut Street, purchased every fine sheet of paper on display, whipped out your hot glue gun […]

Philadelphia Puppet Show Gesualdo, in Heaven
Things to Do

Philly’s Puppet Arts Movement is Growing

Philadelphia is already known as a physical theater hub in the United States, and now our puppet arts movement is growing. (That’s right, I said […]