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El Wingador Is Helping Puerto Rico With…Waffles?

The last time we heard from Bill Simmons — better known as El Wingador, five-time Wing Bowl champion — he was raising funds to open […]


Help Puerto Rico, Get Free Rare Beer at Dock Street Cannery

The good folks at Dock Street Brewery make it a habit of supporting their community. Their regular Free Rare Beers for School Supplies program gives […]

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Here’s How You Can Help Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria plunged the already-pummeled Puerto Rico into total darkness on Wednesday, knocking out the island’s power grid with category 4 winds up to 155 mph. […]


Frontier Just Launched Non-Stop Flights to Puerto Rico From Philly

On Tuesday, low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines announced that it will begin non-stop flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico, from Philadelphia International Airport in June. On […]