Public Pools

when philly pools open, public pools

So Long, Summer: Philly Pools Are Already Closing

It feels like just yesterday we told you Philly public pools were open. And now, two months after swimming season kicked off, we’re lamenting its end. […]

when philly pools open, public pools

Rejoice: Here’s When Philly Pools Open

Good news for those of us who were up all night sweating during the three-day heat wave that’s finally loosened its clammy grip on the city: Philly public […]

Be Well Philly

YES: These Public Pools Will Host Free Yoga and Water Workouts All Summer  

You know what’s better than doing outdoor yoga in the summertime? Doing outdoor yoga next to a pool that you can dip your toes in […]


Four Public Pools in Philly Just Got Colorful Makeovers If you’ve been to a public pool in Philadelphia, you know some of them could use a facelift. A new city initiative, Swim Philly, is bringing a […]


Philly Pools Are Open, Even if Mayor Kenney Won’t Swim

Philly's 70 pools located across the city ensure equitable access to citizens in every neighborhood. — Jim Kenney (@PhillyMayor) June 22, 2016 Philly’s swimming […]


The Incredible Potential of Philadelphia’s Neglected Public Pools

This would be a great pool day. I’ve heard it uttered a dozen times this summer, probably more, by friends wallowing in sweat-stained misery or baking […]

The Fishtown Swimmo

The Guide to Attending a Philly Public Pool: Just Show Up

When I tell people I was at the public pool, I invariably get the same reply every time: I don’t know how to do that. […]


Here’s When Your Neighborhood Pool Will Open for Summer

If you’ve been waiting impatiently for your neighborhood pool to fill up with water, you’re in for some relief. Today, the City kicked off the […]