4 Lessons for #Open Streets PHL

It’s not just Philly. When the city of San Jose, California briefly shut down six miles of its streets last fall, the car-free roadways suddenly […]

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You Can Own the Pope’s Philly Fiat

Pope Francis’ four-door Fiat was the subject of much talk when he visited Philadelphia in September — stylish, yet small and environmentally friendly, the little […]

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On Pope Visit Costs, Mayor Nutter Insults Our Intelligence One Last Time

So this is how Mayor Nutter is going out: By insulting Philadelphia’s intelligence. We were going to have a sour taste in our mouths anyway […]

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Did You Miss Pope Weekend? Experience It on DVD

If life after Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia has seemed relatively underwhelming, here’s some good news: The whole shebang is now available on DVD. Yes, […]

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Want a Piece of Pope Francis Carpet? This NJ Company Will Send You Some

Pope Francis is long gone from Philadelphia, but one New Jersey businessman has found a way to keep the spirit of giving going full force: […]


Poll: Pennsylvania Public Split on Mayor Nutter’s Handling of Papal Visit

A plurality of Pennsylvanians approved Mayor Nutter’s handling of Pope Francis’ September visit to Philly, a new poll from Public Policy Polling reveals. Forty-six percent of those […]


You Didn’t Imagine It: The Air Was Cleaner During the Pope’s Visit

Remember that time that Pope Francis came to Philadelphia for a weekend, and people took back the streets from cars, regularly broke out into song, and were a little nicer to each […]


Alan Butkovitz’s Damning Study of the Pope’s Visit Is Misleading

Business was godawful in Philadelphia during the papal visit, according to a new “economic impact study” by City Controller Alan Butkovitz. Butkovitz found that 85 percent of the hotels, restaurants […]

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Ramsey Defends Papal Security

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey this week defended the level of security that was in place for Pope Francis’ visit to the city last month. […]

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Why the Broad Street Line Was the Star of SEPTA’s Pope Weekend Service

So how well did SEPTA handle moving the masses in town for Francis Festival Weekend? About as well as it’s ever handled any large crowd. […]


City Was Right To Go Overboard for Pope Visit

Can we all agree that the City went completely overboard for the Pope visit? Here’s what I saw in Center City Saturday and Sunday: -Locust, […]


Philly Restaurants: City Wants to Know How Bad Things Were During Pope Francis

We’ve heard a lot of testimony from Philadelphia restaurateurs about how their businesses were affected by the Pope Francis visit, or, perhaps, by how the […]

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Donald Trump on Pope Francis: “I Don’t Like The Little Car”

There’s a good profile on Donald Trump in Forbes this week, based around the obsession Trump and other billionaires have with their position on the […]

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Stephen Colbert Skewered Bob Brady for Stealing the Pope Glass

Ever since we heard that Congressman Bob Brady stole Pope Francis’ water glass in Washington, D.C. last week (in case you missed the only-a-Philadelphia-Congressman-could-do-this story, […]

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Someone Stole a Papal Flag in Philadelphia!

You can steal a man’s bike. You can steal a man’s car. But you cannot steal a man’s papal flag. And yet that’s just what […]