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bobby hill

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Catching Up With Bobby Hill

So we were sitting around on Tuesday night, watching America’s Got Talent (hey, the Phillies were at commercial), when we happened to catch the performance […]


Was Pope Weekend as Bad For Boutiques as It Was For Restaurants?

As I watched the Pope climb the stairs of the plane that would take him back to Italy last night, I felt like it was the […]

Be Well Philly

Pope in Philly: Our Favorite Instagrams from the PopeRide

Yup, it happened — and seemingly without a hitch. This morning, hundreds of cyclists gathered at 30th Street Station for the PopeRide, a group bike […]

Be Well Philly

7 Places to Run Outside of the Pope Zone This Weekend

The bad news: Pope Francis’s visit to Philly this weekend may screw up some of your running plans. The good news: There are plenty of […]


The Ultimate Pope in Philly Style and Survival Guide

In case you haven’t heard: The Pope is coming to Philly this weekend. Surprise! Whether you’re flipping over transportation or where to find that commemorative […]

Be Well Philly

PopeRide Route Change — And Other Need-to-Know Logistics for This Weekend’s Massive Bike Ride

UPDATE, 11:08 a.m.: Quick change to the Friday night Ben Franklin Bridge ride, folks. (As with all things Pope-related, this is a moving target.) A ride […]

Be Well Philly

Philly Cyclists Are Getting Very Creative With Bike Parking During Pope Madness

The photo below comes via Philly Pedals and was snapped by Philly cyclist and TimeCycle courier Ryan Filson — and honestly I think it says it […]

Be Well Philly

2,000 Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff Will Be Sleeping at Penn Medicine Hospitals During Pope Visit

A lot of people have wondered what measures local hospitals will be taking to ensure they’re well staffed and stocked during Pope Francis’s visit to […]


Twitter’s #PopeInPhilly Emoji Is a Complete Travesty

We Philadelphians are used to the Liberty Bell being a shorthand for our city. Though it’s a bell that no one alive has ever heard […]


Your Pope-Visit Style Is No Match for This Fabulous Couple

The Pope’s holy feet (once again, it should be noted, these feet will not be in fancy Prada loafers) are soon touching down on American soil, and people […]

Be Well Philly

How the Pope Will Affect Your Running Plans

Hey guys, did you hear that Pope Francis will be in Philly this week? It’s true. And after months of rumors and plans and logistics, […]


Papal Food and Drink Specials to Get You Started

The fencing off of Center City has begun. Port-a-potties line the streets. We may not know exactly what to expect when Pope Francis comes to town, but […]


Pottstown Company Providing Massive LED Screens for Pope Visit

Pope Francis‘ visit to Philadelphia is a big business opportunity for many — perhaps none more than Upstage Video. The Pottstown, Pa. based company won […]


Finally, a Pope Shirt We Actually Want to Wear

No offense to all the other Pope shirts out there (and there are a lot), but I’m not exactly dying to wear any of them. The graphics […]


City Offers New Info (And Pope Stickers!) To Philly Businesses

In an effort to make sure businesses don’t flee when an estimated 1 million to 1.5 million people descend on Philly for the Pope visit, the […]