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4 Gorgeous Plant Stores Where You Can Fill Your Home With Green

Being a plant mom is the new being a dog mom is the new being an actual mom … or something like that? Here, the […]

single-stem vase
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This Single-Stem Vase Won’t Judge You If You Can’t Keep Flowers Alive

As a city, we’ve developed kind of a thing for greenery. Upscale plant shops keep opening, and local floral designers have become mini-celebs. Hell, even […]

City Life

Warning: Don’t Touch This Plant If You See It

Consider it worse than poison ivy. Giant hogweed — an invasive plant with sap known for inflicting skin and eye irritation, painful blistering, permanent scarring, and […]


11 Plant-Filled and Instagram-Ready Philly Restaurants

Spring has arrived, and it’s a time when Philly’s indoor and outdoor dining gardens can really shine. Whatever the season, we love a restaurant that’s incorporating […]

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6 Magical Plant Stores in Philadelphia Where You Can Fill Your Life With Greenery

Scrolling through Instagram these days, all we see is green. Of course, about half of that is due to avocado toast. But the other half […]