Philly Wellness Festivals

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Be Well Philly

A New Wellness-Slash-Music Festival Is Coming to Philly

A new kind of festival is coming to town, celebrating music, wellness, creativity, and social connection. ManiFEST, hosted by Philly-based Glbl Vllg, is going to […]

Be Well Philly Boot Camp
Be Well Philly

Early Bird Tickets for Be Well Philly Boot Camp Are Now On Sale

June conjures up a lot of images for us — patio days, Shore weekends, night markets. But, most of all, we think of a massive […]

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Be Well Philly

Head to This Philly Wellness Festival for Demos From Local Brands

It’s usually when spring has sprung, the leaves greening up and the temperatures becoming reasonable, that we start feeling that itch for self-improvement. (After all, […]

Be Well Philly

This Rooftop Yoga Event Will Include a Body-Positivity Chat and Free Sweetgreen

While this seems like a never-ending winter, warmer weather is on its way. (We think. We hope.) But while the weather is just barely getting to […]

Be Well Philly

Chestnut Hill’s Wellness Festival Will Feature Tons of Workouts, Health Chats, and Good Food

It’s official — wellness festivals are taking over Philadelphia. But let’s face it: There are worse things that could be happening. In addition to our […]