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Angel Rich: Black People in Philly Must Create a Tech Underground Railroad

Tech pioneer Angel Rich has been named “The Next Steve Jobs” for breathing life into a movement that seeks to bring financial freedom to those […]


Dear White Male Investors: Your Time Is Running Out

On Thursday, Philly Tech Week brought together three of the country’s leading investors — Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital founding partner, Arlan Hamilton, Backstage Capital […]


32 Philly Leaders Share Their Can’t-Miss Philly Tech Week Events

Philly Tech Week kicks off on Friday (!!!), and the organizers over at are putting on quite the show for 2018. There’s an impressive […]


New York VC Gayle Jennings O’Byrne on Tech Scene: “There’s Nothing Philly Can’t Do”

Philly Tech Week this year gathered thousands of people around 100 events, and one person who stood out from the crowd was Gayle Jennings O’Byrne. […]


Josh Kopelman on Being a VC: Luck Plays a Big Role

Monday night, Philadelphia’s entrepreneurship community got treated to a refreshingly honest discussion as part of Philly Tech Week 2017 about the emotional and hopeful journey […]


25 Tech Leaders Share Their Can’t-Miss Events for Philly Tech Week

Philly Tech Week 2017 officially kicks off this afternoon, but some of you may still be feeling (happily) overwhelmed by the week’s 100 options. There’s everything from […]


36 Ways to Dodge the NFL Draft This Weekend

FRIDAY, APRIL 28 Star Party @ The Mann This sounds pretty cool: a free concert and stargazing get-together at the Mann featuring telescopes and astronomers […]


Six Signs It’s Tech Week

Philly Tech Week is back (April 28-May 6), promising fun events, hands-on workshops and rare access to some of this city’s most interesting hives innovation (and […]


What Do You Get When You Put Curalate, Starr Restaurants and Coded by Kids Together?

Philly Tech Week is back, and it’s more creative than ever. Case in point: On Tuesday, May 2, Curalate will challenge a group of as […]

G Philly

A Black, Lesbian Robot is Coming to Philly This Weekend

Philly Tech Week is officially upon us, which means we’re in store for a week’s worth of forward-thinking, innovation-driven events that give us a peek […]


9 Cool Events to Do at Philly Tech Week

Philly Tech Week is upon us! It certainly has come a long way in five years. Just look how dated this website from the first […]


Make a Shark Tank-style Pitch in an Uber on Friday

Getting 15 minutes of uninterrupted time to pitch an idea to a venture capitalist has quite a bit of value. So does a free Uber […]


Where to Get a 3-D Action Figure of Yourself Made in Philly

Forget voodoo dolls: How about creating a life-like miniature action figure of yourself and freaking everyone out with your little mini-me? There’s a place in […]


How the Founders of Philly Tech Week Built a New-Media Empire

It’s a frigid February day, and Union Transfer — as usual — is throbbing with young people. Only it’s not rock bands and sweaty, dancing […]

The Scene

Philly Tech Week 2014 Signature Event

Philly Tech Week’s Signature Event was held at the Comcast Center on Friday, April 11th. It was part cocktail party, part local tech expo, and […]