Philly Style Bagels


Here Are All the Philly Breads You’ve Gotta Get Your Hands On

With flour-milling, natural fermentation and a lot of love, Philly’s new wave of bread makers insists on doing things the right way — the slow […]


Eating Bagel Dogs For A Good Cause

These are not bagel dogs. These are the regular kind of bagels they do every day at Philly Style Bagels in Fishtown. But this weekend, […]

Be Well Philly

Whoa: The Sandwich Masters at Philly Style Bagels Made a Vegan Pastrami Sandwich

If your stomach is starting grumble, take note of this food porn, courtesy of Fishtown’s Philly Style Bagels.


Philly Style Bagels Gets Best New Sandwich Nod

Bon Appetit is back praising Philadelphia. A week after naming South Philly Barbacoa and Wm. Mulherin’s Sons among the 50 best new restaurants in the country, […]


Bon Appetit Highlights Philadelphia in Travel Issue

Philadelphia gets a six page spread in Bon Appetit’s May issue on travel. Bon Appetit’s Editor in Chief himself, Adam Rapoport spends 32 hours in town with co-worker […]


Six Pack: New Breakfast Places in Philly

It’s National Breakfast Week (no, really), so we thought it was about time to compile a list of some of our favorite new (or new-ish) […]


Philly Style Bagels’ Opening Day Menu

Anyone who knows Philly Style Bagels from their pop-ups at Pizzeria Beddia is already counting the days to the official opening of their permanent shop in […]


Edible Philanthropy: Philly Style Bagels Is So Close To Hitting Their Crowd Funding Goal

Following a year of pop-up bagel days at Pizzeria Beddia (recently named as possessing the best pizza in the United States, which has nothing at […]


Celebrate Beer Week By Funding Beer Bagels

A really great bagel is kind of the unicorn of the bread realm. Elusive. Ephemeral. Often the main character of an all-too-realistic, carb-based dream. They’re contentious– […]


A Well Rounded Breakfast: Philly’s Best Bagel Based Sandwiches

Wanna know if someone has ever spent any time living in New York City? Just take her out for bagels anywhere outside the five boroughs […]


Six Pack: Philly’s Newest Breakfast Options

Breakfast may have recently been demoted from its most important meal status, but that doesn’t mean that we’re skipping it entirely–especially considering that fact that […]


Reserve Your Philly Style Bagels for This Weekend

Philly Style Bagels have been operating as an occasional pop-up out of Pizzeria Beddia in Fishtown on Sunday mornings. This Sunday they’re offering order half and full-dozens of […]