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Teachers like their jobs
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Money, Time, and Happiness: We Polled Philly Teachers About How Much They Like Their Jobs

Is your job fulfilling? Are the kids you teach happy? If you lucked into a grand, would you spend it on your students or yourself? […]

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Classroom Confidential: Philly Teachers Tell All

Who knows your children almost as well as you do? The teachers who spend hours with them every day. That’s why we asked 100 of […]

philly schools close early heat
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Philly Schools Will Send Students Home Early Due to “Excessive Heat”

On Monday afternoon, the School District of Philadelphia announced that students at all Philly schools will be dismissed early on Tuesday and Wednesday due to […]

tap water tax
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Following An ‘F’ Grade, All Pa. Schools Must Test Lead in Drinking Water

All Pennsylvania public schools will test their facility’s drinking water for elevated lead levels this upcoming school year, or inform students’ parents that they are […]

jawn, jawnament, holiday season
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Buy Your Loved Ones a Jawnament This Holiday Season

People are particular about Christmas trees. Some prefer to don flannels and boots and cut them down themselves. Others, like our own Fabiola Cineas, would rather order […]

teacher vacancies
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PFT to City Council: Philly Needs More Teachers

Members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, educators, and experts stood in front of City Council’s education committee yesterday to make a pitch for the city […]


The Debate: Should Philly Schools Crack Down on Prom Dress Code?

If you’ve been to any mall in the past few weeks, you know that it’s officially here. Prom season. The telltale signs are everywhere: stuffed dressing rooms from which emanate screeches […]

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UPDATE: Actually, Biology Is Offered at Overbrook High School

[UPDATE: 4:25 p.m.] Editor’s Note: On Wednesday morning, we published the story below, stating that Overbrook High School has not offered biology to students during […]

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Lawsuit: School Funding in Pennsylvania is Unconstitutional

Seventeen years ago, the city and School District of Philadelphia filed suit against Pennsylvania, accusing it of failing to provide sufficient education funding in violation of the […]

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Philly Teacher Resorts to Crowdfunding to Buy Students History Books

Mark Hoey is a longtime teacher in the School District of Philadelphia and currently the AP History teacher and Social Studies Department Chair at the […]

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The Philly Outrage Meter for the Week Ending September 12, 2014

The Philadelphia Outrage Meter | Create Infographics During the week ending September 12, 2014, Philadelphians, it seemed, were most outraged over the whole LeSean McCoy […]

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No, an Uzi Was Not Found at a Philadelphia Charter School

On Monday,  according to police, the assistant dean at the Walter D. Palmer Leadership Partners Charter School on Harbison Avenue in the Frankford section of […]

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Poll: Should the School Day Start Later in the Morning?

Parents in Cheltenham have started a Facebook page — always the forefront of 2014-style activism — asking that the school open later in the morning, KYW […]

nutter avi property tax
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Mayor Nutter Tries Cigarette Tax to Fund Schools

CBSPhilly reports that Mayor Nutter is trying, again, to get approval for a cigarette tax to fund Philly schools:


The Philadelphia School District’s Unfortunate Hashtag: #phled

In a city that has smart parents fleeing in droves to the better, safer schools of the suburbs, this hashtag used by the School District […]