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City House of the Week: Former George Woodward Home on West Allens Lane

Oftentimes, when people are looking for a spacious home with multiple levels of landscaped outdoor spaces and a carriage house, they head out to Bucks […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The NFL Hired a Female Ref

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Is Mitch Williams Getting Screwed?

Mitch Williams was, until recently, known for two things — throwing a baseball and talking baseball. He’s doing the latter here in a cramped studio […]

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Welcome to Polydelphia!

Tiffany Adams is running late. I saw that coming even before she texted me at 4:19 p.m., 11 minutes ahead of our arranged meeting at […]

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10 Surprising Wild Animals Spotted in Philadelphia


Top Wineries Within Driving Distance of Philly

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Desperately Seeking Peeps Milk

Looking back, I’m not sure that I ever actually wanted to drink Peeps Milk. Like the rest of the Internet, I was a little curious […]

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How the Founders of Philly Tech Week Built a New-Media Empire

It’s a frigid February day, and Union Transfer — as usual — is throbbing with young people. Only it’s not rock bands and sweaty, dancing […]


The Electric Dim Sum Acid Test: Bing Bing Dim Sum Reviewed

If restaurateurs were rock stars (and in Philly, they’re as close as we come), Ben Puchowitz and Shawn Darragh would be vintage R.E.M. Whether they’re slinging ramen […]

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12 Things to Do in Philly This Week

  FEATURES Cover Story: Is Mitch Williams Getting Screwed? Welcome to Polydelphia! 10 Surprising Wild Animals Spotted in Philly Top Wineries Within Driving Distance of […]


The Debate: Should Philly Schools Crack Down on Prom Dress Code?

If you’ve been to any mall in the past few weeks, you know that it’s officially here. Prom season. The telltale signs are everywhere: stuffed dressing rooms from which emanate screeches […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Claes Oldenburg Met the Poop Emoji

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Introducing … Philadelphia Sunday

This weekend those of you who subscribe to Philly Mag’s newsletters will see something new show up in your inbox. It’s called Philadelphia Sunday, and […]