Philadelphia Restaurant Reviews


The Star System is Stupid and Broken

At the conclusion of last week’s 3-star Stargazy review, a reader asked a very difficult question: So what about this doesn’t say four stars? The […]


By The Numbers: A Fantastic Year For Philly Restaurants

I was talking with Philly mag restaurant critic Trey Popp the other day, and we were discussing (as we so often do) the state of […]


We’ve Got A Surprise For You…

For the longest time, we’ve had this problem. Because of the lag time in the production of Philadelphia magazine–because of the schedules we keep and […]

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Igloo Frozen Yogurt Shop Opens Location in the Gayborhood

The Igloo, a healthy and all-natural frozen dessert emporium, opened its doors to its second location, located in the Gayborhood on the corner of 12th and […]


All of the Craig LaBan Zero Bell Reviews

Craig LaBan has hit Center City steak-and-seafood chain Ocean Prime with a well-deserved zero bell review, his second zero bell review for 2013. Here, a […]


Ocean Prime Philadelphia Review: Pretty But Also Pretty Lousy

When Cameron Mitchell’s steak-and-seafood emporium Ocean Prime debuted in Philadelphia in September, local gossip/photographer/blogger HughE Dillon posted on Facebook about the opening party, writing that […]


Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Carmine’s Creole Café Act II Turns It Up to 11

There are many food menus at Carmine’s Creole Café Act II, and none of them list the most important thing John Mims cooks there. This […]


Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Creative, Simple Bistro Fare at Pennsylvania 6

In a city thoroughly accustomed to restaurant turnover, it takes a lot for a renovation to stir up nostalgia. Even the final dismantling of Le […]


Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Choose Your Own Adventure at Serpico

You make your way to Peter Serpico’s new home on South Street, among the head shops and tattoo parlors and neon entreaties for the purchase […]


Philadelphia Restaurant Review: Unorthodox Indian Food at Indeblue

At Indeblue, where you can dip pulled-pork samosas in blue-cheese sauce and mop up apple/goat cheese chutney with bacon-wrapped bison kabobs, one of the thornier […]