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5 Things We Hope (or Fear) Will Happen: Our 2019 Wish and Worry List

Now that the final chapter of 2018 is being written, it’s time to turn our gaze ahead into the year to come. We already identified […]

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The Trends That Will Drive Local Real Estate in the Year Ahead

There are some who tout greater Philadelphia as a “Goldilocks” region, economically speaking: Neither flaming nor frozen, it chugs along at a slow but steady […]


Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Miss Philly’s First-Ever Real Estate Week

What could possibly be better than success? How about a week that celebrates success and gives people the tools they need to make it in […]


Five Philly Couples Who Hit Real Estate Pay Dirt

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers when talking about real estate. That’s why we sought out real people, and real stories. These […]


Find Your Philly Dream House. (At Last!)

“We are having an inventory crisis,” Lauren Leithead tells me matter-of-factly. The two of us are having omelets at Sabrina’s Cafe in Wynnewood, and I […]


Want Proof That Philadelphia Housing Is Affordable? Read On

One of the aces in the hole Philadelphia officials used in their pitch to land Amazon HQ2 is the low cost of housing here relative […]


Bright Idea: One Big MLS for the Mid-Atlantic Region

A TREND that began with real estate agents sharing listings over coffee and pinning them on clotheslines in the 1960s got a whole lot bigger […]


Philly Just Misses the Top 10 for Green Building

How green is Philadelphia? Pretty darn green, according to the researchers at CBRE and Maastricht University who produce the annual Green Building Adoption Index. But […]


Demand for Homes Remains Strong Across Region

Home sales in the 12-county Greater Philadelphia region continued to increase at a steady clip in the first quarter of 2017, according to the latest […]


There’s A Future for Young Professionals Here, Survey Finds

According to the results of a survey released last week by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia, a whopping 93 percent of young professionals […]

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Mortgages are Affordable All Over Greater Philly: Study

In some United States metropolitan areas, the demand for jobs and amenities within a given city is causing the value of homes to far surpass homebuyers’ incomes. […]


Is the High-End Rental Party Over Now That It’s Gained Steam Here?

The real estate sections in local and regional media of late, most definitely including this one, have been awash with stories about new luxury rental […]


Homes Got More Affordable in Philly Last Quarter

House prices in the Philadelphia market continued to climb in the third quarter of 2016, which is good news for homeowners wishing to sell. But […]


Philly Still Among Nation’s Pricier Rental Markets, Survey Says

The good news: Philadelphia remains the second most affordable rental market in the Northeast. The bad news: That doesn’t mean it’s one of the most […]


Good News for Philly Starter Home Buyers

According to the latest national figures from Zillow, things are getting tougher for first-time home buyers across the country: inventories of homes for sale are […]