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White People Own Nearly 4 Out of 5 Businesses in Philadelphia

Pew Charitable Trusts released its annual “State of the City” report this month, which gives us a snapshot of Philadelphia’s progress in categories like the […]


Philadelphians Seem Super Bullish on Philly, Until You Look Closer

On the whole, would we rather be in Philadelphia? That depends on who “we” are. A survey just released by the Pew Philadelphia Research Initiative defines that […]

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New Pew Poll Shows Catholics Widely Divided On Issues of Sexuality

Right in time for the Philly Papal visit, a new Pew poll released today finds that the nation’s Catholics are divided on a number of […]


Negadelphia Is No More — Can the Mayoral Candidates Adapt?

The headline news from The Pew Charitable Trusts poll last week was clear: residents are feeling pretty damn good about the city, even if there are actually […]


Pew Poll: Philadelphians Have a Huge Crush on Philly

Philadelphians seem to be falling back in love with Philadelphia. A new poll from The Pew Charitable Trusts finds that 48 percent of Philadelphians think […]