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Casinos Sue to Stop Pennsylvania Lottery’s Online Games

A coalition of seven Pennsylvania casinos has sued the state Department of Revenue over its online gaming system. In a news release, the casinos blasted […]


The PA Lottery Has Brought Back Gus the Groundhog Yesterday was November 1st, which means one thing nowadays: The start of Christmas season. No longer do businesses wait until Black Friday to plaster […]

Pennsylvania Lottery drawing + logo

The Pennsylvania Lottery Has Moved to Channel 29

The Pennsylvania Lottery has been airing a televised drawing since 1977. In Philadelphia, the sing-songy “Penn-syl-van-ia Lot-ter-ry!” jingle and nightly drawing has been airing before […]

City Life

Wawa Customer About to Be $1 Million Richer

A customer of the Wawa at 5900 Bristol Pike in Bristol, Bucks County is about to be really stinking rich. Alright, pretty rich. OK, well […]


It’s Officially Christmas Season: The PA Lottery’s Holiday Ad Is Airing

If you watched any television this weekend, you know that the Christmas season has officially begun. It’s not that we’ve passed Halloween — though that […]

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$1M Winning Lottery Ticket Bought in Downtown Philadelphia Expires Today

A winning lottery ticket worth $1 million was sold in Center City exactly a year ago. It expires today, and remains unclaimed. The ticket was […]