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Ben Franklin Bridge - no cars, all walkers
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Philly’s Big Open Streets Event Is One Big Disappointment

When I heard that this Saturday would mark the first Open Streets Philly event — they’re calling it Philly Free Streets — I was both elated […]

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Yay! Philly Free Streets Adds More Miles of Car-Free Streets to Route 

Sweet! A press release from the Mayor’s office announced today that the route for Philly Free Streets, Philly’s first official event that will close some […]

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It’s Official: Philly Is Getting a Car-Free Open Streets Event This Fall

We’ve been dreaming about getting another shot at running, jumping and biking across car-free streets like we did during Pope Francis’s visit last September for nearly a […]

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Perfect Weeknight Plans: Run, Eat and Drink Beer to Support Open Streets PHL

You might’ve heard that, come fall, it looks like we just might get what we’ve been dreaming about since the Pope’s visit: an Open Streets […]


There Might Be a Car-Free #OpenStreets Weekend This Fall

Philadelphia may have its first official “Open Streets” event early this fall. Mike Dunn, a spokesman for Mayor Jim Kenney, said the city is “planning […]


4 Lessons for #Open Streets PHL

It’s not just Philly. When the city of San Jose, California briefly shut down six miles of its streets last fall, the car-free roadways suddenly […]

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Will Run for Alcohol: Distillery Run to Support Open Streets PHL

If the only thing that will get you to lace up your running shoes come February weather is the promise of alcohol at the finish […]

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Inside Details: What Open Streets PHL Might Really Look Like

Remember Open Streets PHL, the campaign that surfaced when we were all still high on the open, car-free streets of the Pope’s September visit? Well, […]

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Open Streets PHL Campaign Wants More Car-Free Streets Next Summer

This past weekend, when we Instagrammed our wish for Philly streets to be car-free all the time, we knew that wish probably wouldn’t come true […]