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Was Madonna in the Wrong?

Erica Palan criticizes Madonna for making comments about President Obama being a black Muslim in the White House.

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Gay Social App Launches Obama Pride

Hornet, a gay social app, launched political features, including ObamaPride which motivates users to vote and to support LGBT rights initiatives this election season.

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DNC Hosts LGBT Welcome Party

As Charlotte, N.C., heats up in anticipation of Pres. Obama’s speech this week, the Democratic National Convention kicked off with an LGBT welcome party. More […]

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Vick Will Slide On First Run Of The Year For Obama

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Michael VickMichael Vick is still on a high after learning that the President of the United States is hip to his game and wants the QB to start sliding this season.

In true campaign form, Vick vowed he would change and made a promise to the President Obama.

“I was stunned. I didn’t believe it. It was awesome, though,” said Vick of being recognized by the most powerful man in the world. “You think to yourself, ‘Yo, man, he’s got a point.’ If he says it then I’ve got to do it, so the first run of the year I’ll slide and he’ll know it was for him.”

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This is What’s Wrong With PA’s Voter ID Law

Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law goes to court this week as civil rights groups argue it discriminates against minorities. As many as 750,000 voters in Pennsylvania could be turned away from the polls come November – and most are Democrats.

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It’s About Time, Mr. President

My first reaction to President Obama saying he now supports gay marriage was: Whew, finally. He’s the first U.S. president to take that stand. It’s […]

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Obama on Same-Sex Marriage

It may take some time before many of us will fully realize the significance of President Obama’s “coming out,” as it were, in favor of […]

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Anderson Cooper Talks Gay Marriage

Anderson Cooper, host of AC360° on CNN, used Vice President Joe Biden’s remarks recently to take President Obama to task over his administration’s stance on […]

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Marriage Discussion Heats Up

It’s been an interesting week for same-sex marriage. On Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden told NBC’s David Gregory, “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact […]


U.S. Senate, Like Your Cool Uncle, Says It’s Totally Okay For Kids To Eat French Fries Every Day

Okay, so they can’t seem to get anything else done, but the minute an Obama-endorsed proposal to limit the amount of times in a week […]


The New Normal: Obama Administration To Reveal New Food Chart Tomorrow

Everyone with a mouth will recognize the above image. It is, of course, the official USDA “Improved American Food Guide Pyramid”–that charming graphic which, since […]