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As Legislative Session Nears End, Three Bills With Philly Relevance Advance

Pennsylvania legislators advanced three controversial bills yesterday involving gun rights, sanctuary cities and police transparency.

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Pa. Supreme Court Rules NRA-backed Law Unconstitutional

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday against a law that allowed gun owners and the National Rifle Association to sue local municipalities for their […]

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Why Pa. Won’t Pass Stricter Gun Laws After the Orlando Massacre

We already know Congress probably won’t enact stricter gun laws in the wake of the worst mass shooting in United States history. It didn’t after Adam Lanza murdered 20 elementary schoolers in […]


NRA vs. Comcast Over Guns in TV Ads for Outdoor Show

The National Rifle Association is not happy with Comcast after the cable giant asked the group to censor images of guns from its TV commercials for […]

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GOP Will Try Again to Let NRA Sue Pennsylvania Cities

If at first you don’t succeed… A Republican legislator is trying to revive a bill that would allow third-party organizations like to NRA to sue […]

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Court Strikes Down Law That Let NRA Sue Pa. Cities

A Commonwealth Court has struck down the new state law that let the NRA — and other third parties — sue Pennsylvania cities for their […]

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Court Weighs Challenge to NRA-Friendly Gun Law

Judges in Pittsburgh on Wednesday heard a challenge to a new state law that lets third-party groups like the NRA sue cities if their gun […]

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The Best Thing That Happened This Week: The NRA Lost Face

Do you have a gun? Do you think I have a gun? Most media reports would have you believe that ever since President Obama’s election, […]

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Here’s the Lawsuit the NRA Just Filed Against Philadelphia

As promised, the National Rifle Association has filed suit against the City of Philadelphia for “for refusing to comply with a state law that prohibits […]

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Gun Advocates Sue Harrisburg, Using New Law

A new law that allows third parties to sue Pennsylvania cities for having restrictive gun ordinances — even if they suffered no personal harm — has […]

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AG Kane Won’t Defend Pa. Gun Law That Allows NRA Suits

Kathleen Kane has decided not to defend a recently passed gun law that allows lawsuits against municipalities that enact gun laws harsher than state laws. […]

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House Passes Gun Bill; Corbett Expected to Sign

The Pennsylvania House has approved a bill that would let the National Rifle Association (or similar “membership groups”) sue municipalities for having overly restrictive gun […]

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Gun Debate About to Flare Up in Pennsylvania Senate

The gun debate seems likely to get heated today in the Pennsylvania Senate. We told you last week about House Bill 1243, which would give the NRA […]

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The NRA Wants Your Submission

The NRA is coming, folks. It will have your tax dollars or your submission to its pro-gun agenda — and, by God, maybe it will […]


Pennsylvania Bill Would Allow NRA to Sue Towns Over Gun Laws

Back in 2012, the NRA attempted to sue several Pennsylvania municipalities when they enacted gun laws stronger than Pennsylvania state laws. (Mayor Michael Nutter led […]