For #NoSavesies 2017, the PPD Channeled “Stranger Things”

Snow’s in the forecast this weekend – and that means #nosavesies season is upon us. This year, Philly police are warning against the (illegal!) tradition of #savesies with a video […]


WATCH: Cyclist Chased, Threatened By Angry Driver After Knocking Over Loading Zone Cone

[UPDATE, 1 p.m., January 27th]: Cameron Kline, spokesman for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, says that after the cyclist inquired about pressing charges, the police contacted […]


Here Are Some of Our Favorite #Savesies Tweets and Instagrams

Philadelphia welcomed this weekend’s mammoth snowfall with grace… for the most part. Some people, however, defied Philly Police (and maybe Drake?) and engaged in some […]


Philly’s 8 Best #Savesies Tools, Ranked

We’re not here to debate #Savesies. As you probably know, the practice is illegal. Should you spend Saturday morning digging the car out, you’re expected […]


Philly Police Tweet “Hotline Bling” #NoSavesies GIF Featuring Drake

The Philadelphia Police Department has added a stellar GIF to its 2–year–old #NoSavesies campaign — warning Philadelphians not to block off their freshly shoveled parking spots with various objects in […]


Social Media Account Puts Philly’s Unshoveled Sidewalks on Blast

3900 Market St. 1.7.15 #unshoveled pic.twitter.com/bhhrXBbYwu — Unshoveled Sidewalks (@unshoveled) January 7, 2015 There’s a new social media account in town that seeks to continue […]