Here’s Nike’s Update of the Sixers Uniform

My only criticism of the Sixers’ 2015-2016 “PHILA” uniform change was the same as it was when they ditched the black and moved back to […]

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The Checkup: The Meal-Prep Trick That Will Get You to Eat Way More Salad

• Tell us if this sounds familiar: From the age of three you’ve constantly been told to eat your greens, but it always seems like by the […]

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New Nike Video Proves Kevin Hart Is the Definition of Fitness Goals 

Over the summer, we noticed that Philly native Kevin Hart was killing the fitness game on Instagram: He is a big fan of the gym […]

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Look At All the Crazy-Cool Science and Research That Goes Into Your Nikes

Your favorite pair of Nikes might already be ranked in the top 10 when it comes to your list of can’t-live-without possessions, but after seeing all […]

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Nike Is Done Making Wearable Fitness Trackers

  Bad news for Nike+ FuelBand SE fans: Nike is done creating new wearable fitness trackers, according to CNET. Last week, the company fired the […]