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I Love My Job: Jacob Cooper

An MSC Retail partner and managing director now, Jacob Cooper got his start in real estate about 10 years ago when he first joined the […]


Lululemon Will Soon Have a New Location Near Rittenhouse Square

It’s fitting that Lululemon, a store specializing in yoga gear and athletic apparel, has exhibited some serious flexibility when it comes to their recent brick-and-mortar […]


Chef (And Bartender) Shuffles: Stipo, Glass And Leonti

You know what they say in the newspaper biz–three makes a trend. And with the news we reported on yesterday of pastry chef Monica Glass […]


The Most Glorious Cheesecake Factory in the World Sets Opening Date

Bust out your iPhone and set yourself a reminder for June 23, 2015. While you’re there, go ahead and label it: “The Most Glorious Cheesecake […]


Bloomingdale’s Is Officially Looking for Space in Center City

An email sent by MSC Retail yesterday notes that Bloomingdale’s is “actively looking” for anywhere between 120,000-square-feet and 150,000-square-feet of space for a “full line” […]