Have You Noticed? Phillies Playing Better (But Still Very Bad)

Seen through the eyes of a New York Mets fan (yep, I’m one of those), the Phillies owe the Mets some wins, wins they stole so […]


I Went to the Mets Opener in Phillies Gear — and I Wasn’t Even Heckled

I last attended a Mets game in New York in 2006. It was an 88-degree Saturday in August. A Jon Lieber error led to three […]


How Badly Did the Phillies Blow the Trade Deadline? Even the Mets Look Good by Comparison

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Mets Set Cheesesteak Eating Record

The New York Mets didn’t just thrash the Phillies during their recent series against the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. The team also set a […]


Mets Eat Ridiculous Amount of Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

In what is surely a plot by the Phillies to fatten up other teams so they’ll be easier to beat, there is a leaderboard in […]