Meryl Levitz


Why Philly’s Marketing Gurus Will Never Give Up the Cheesesteak (or Rocky)

A while back, Saab ran a commercial that said, “People will always want to be somewhere else.” That’s the motivation for travel. But being somewhere […]


Meryl Levitz to Step Down as Visit Philadelphia President and CEO

After 40 years of championing the City of Brotherly Love to the world, Visit Philadelphia’s founding president and CEO, Meryl Levitz, will step down from […]


Meryl Levitz: Tourism’s Pied Piper

When Meryl Levitz came here in 1971, “Philly tourism” was a punch line, not a billion-dollar industry. Now, Philadelphia regularly tops lists — from big-deal […]


I Love My Job: Meryl Levitz

As president and CEO of Visit Philadelphia, Meryl Levitz has worked to elevate Philadelphia as one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. Reflecting on more […]