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Report: Graham-Cassidy Repeal Bill Would Cost Pa. $11 Billion

Republicans are trying yet again to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. Their latest measure comes in the form of a bill proposed by Sens. Lindsey Graham (of […]


Toomey Wants to Repeal the Affordable Care Act With or Without a Replacement

Disability activists protested outside Sen. Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia office yesterday, some covered in fake blood, to speak out against his push to repeal the Affordable Care Act […]


Pa. House Passes Last-Minute Bill That Would Drastically Change Medicaid

The Pennsylvania House passed legislation Tuesday that would enact drastic changes to the state’s Medicaid program. The House approved the bill in a 102-91 vote, less than 24 […]

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Wolf Urges Toomey Against Medicaid Cuts

Like a lot of people, Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf wants to get in touch with Sen. Pat Toomey. Wolf sent Toomey a letter expressing concern for the […]


New GOP Health Care Plan Would Kick Lotto Winners Off Medicaid

After years of waiting, yesterday House Republicans unveiled their healthcare plan. Called the American Health Care Act, aka Trumpcare, the new plan repeals the Affordable […]


Medicaid Glitch Jeopardizes Pa. Drug, Mental Health Treatment

A glitch in Medicaid is imperiling drug and mental health treatment for Medicaid users in the state. Currently, behavioral health providers — drug and alcohol, […]