Mayor Kenney


All Those Philly Soda Tax Ads Cost $5.4 Million This Year

Mayor Kenney sure hit a nerve with his soda tax, didn’t he? Even before the law went on the books last year, a public relations war […]


Kenney: Rizzo Statue is Art Commission’s Choice

One day after protesters demanded that the city bring bronze Frank Rizzo down from the perch where he’s stood since 1998, Mayor Kenney said he’ll let […]


Philly Fireman Taking Heat for Charlottesville Post

The Philadelphia Fire Department and Mayor Jim Kenney have spoken out against what they called a “reprehensible” photo posted by a Philly fireman after the Charlottesville rally. […]


Mayor Kenney’s Waste Reduction Goals Are … Interesting

This week, under the executive order of Mayor Kenney, the city’s Zero Waste and Litter Cabinet unveiled its plan to help reach the mayor’s extremely […]

Jim Kenney

City Announces Two New Community Schools

Samuel Gompers Elementary in Overbrook and the Northeast’s George Washington High School are the latest additions to Mayor Kenney’s ongoing community school initiative, city officials […]

Sodas for sale in a refrigerated case

OPINION: Philly’s Soda Tax Is Shaping Up to Be an Epic Flop

It’s been six months since the city’s soda tax (or, more accurately, the sugary beverage tax) was implemented — and it’s off to a rocky […]


Meet Mayor Kenney’s Secret Girlfriend

Mayor Jim Kenney is doing all right for himself. Not only did he get to take a free trip to Iceland last week as part […]


Does the Chamber of Commerce Have Standing to Challenge Philadelphia’s Wage Equity Law?

Philadelphia’s freshly minted wage equity law was supposed take effect next Tuesday, but the city voluntarily put the brakes on the law pending the resolution […]


Here Are Kenney’s Pointers for the Biz Community

At the Chamber’s 34th annual mayoral luncheon on Thursday, where hundreds of the region’s businesses were represented, Mayor Kenney made some promises to the business […]


OPINION: The Gayborhood’s Trump-Triggered Activism Is Hypocritical

As news broke that President Trump might actually encourage discriminatory anti-LGBTQ policies in an upcoming executive order, Gayborhood leaders have been especially proactive in mobilizing […]


Mayor Kenney “Deeply Disappointed” In Donald Trump Abortion Decision

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is speaking out against a controversial anti-abortion measure that President Donald Trump enacted today.


Report: Kenney Among Top Five Highest-Paid Mayors

Mayor Jim Kenney collects one of the nation’s top five mayoral salaries, according to a new report from American City Business Journal, an affiliate of the Philadelphia […]


Comcast Threatens to Sue If City Enacts Wage Discrimination Bill

Comcast has threatened to sue Philadelphia if Mayor Jim Kenney signs a bill passed unanimously by City Council last month that would forbid employers from asking job […]


Report: Kenney Staff Told Activists to “Corner” Anti–Soda Tax Councilwoman

Some of Mayor Jim Kenney‘s top staffers suggested that a group of activists “corner” Councilwoman María Quiñones-Sánchez at a public event earlier this year to get her […]


Mayor Kenney to Attend SXSW 2017

A few weeks ago, Mayor Kenney told us about his commitment to the tech community in a commentary piece here on Biz Philly. Now he’s […]