Market-Frankford Line

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Teens Stabbed in Fight at SEPTA’s 8th Street Station

Two 17-year-old boys were hospitalized on Wednesday after they were each brutally stabbed in a fight that occurred on the platform of the SEPTA subway […]

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SEPTA’s Market-Frankford Line Almost Back to Full Service

SEPTA is reportedly close to resuming full service on the Market-Frankford line after cracks discovered in the trains’ main support beams led the organization to remove […]

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SEPTA Opens Up on MFL Cracks

The bad news: About 60 Market-Frankford Line rapid transit cars will be out of commission for an indefinite period while SEPTA analyzes just what caused […]

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Someone Set Off Fireworks on the El

Lighting fireworks behind cashier's booth is funny? No. No it isn't. That's someone's mom working in there. — Thomas J. Nestel III (@TNestel3) June […]


How to Make the El Less Crowded

During rush hour on the Market-Frankford Line, the air is so thick and opaque. Jockeying for centimeters of space and sandwiched between messenger bags and puffy coats, riders on […]


SEPTA Extends Overnight Weekend Subway Service to November 2nd

SEPTA said today it is extending its pilot program for 24-hour weekend Market-Frankford Line and Broad Street Subway service to November 2nd. The pilot program […]