Photographic Proof that People Are Disgusting in Restaurants

Usually, when a restaurant uses the phrase “under the table,” it’s to refer to the common practice of paying employees in cash, off the books. […]


How Do I Cure My Online Rage?

What would I like for Christmas? How about some small bit of my lost humanity? It was a reader (of course) who accidentally let me […]


Stop Spitting on the Sidewalk, You Disgusting Pig

The other day after work, I was waiting for the garage attendant to bring down my car. I was standing alongside a well-dressed, dapper-looking man […]


This Halloween, Can We All Just Ghost?

I committed a grievous etiquette sin last weekend. I pulled a Halloween ghost. Let me explain, and see if you wouldn’t have been tempted to, […]


The NYT’s Hugging Story Looks a Lot Like the Inky’s

The Inquirer seems to be ahead of the Times. Last Friday, The New York Times ran a column titled “The Bro Hug: Embracing a Change in […]


’Murrican as Apple Pie

’Merica. ’Murrica. ’Mericuh. Our most recent Independence Day weekend brought them out, in intentionally butchered droves — cheekily edited versions of our great country’s name, accompanied […]


Is “Hon” the New “Ma’am”?

“How many do you have, hon?” the sales associate at the Express in Liberty Place asked me last week. The week before that, a young […]


How Mike Missanelli Misses the Point of His Deadspin Controversy

Mike Missanelli seems to have learned the wrong lesson. Missanelli, of course, is the local sports talk radio host who was suspended last week after […]