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Found Stuffed Bunny

We Have Reached Peak Local News With This Missing Stuffed Bunny Story

I like the local news. I enjoy being updated on what’s happening in the city of Philadelphia and its surrounding areas, and I also enjoy […]

2016 Local News Screenshots

The 69 Best Local Philly News Screenshots of 2016

I watch a lot of local news. Not only because it keeps me informed on the events of the day and on which programs are […]


Why Philly Local News Is the Best During a Snowstorm

I turned on the 10 o’clock news on Friday night. The first thing I saw was someone falling on her ass. Fox 29’s snow coverage […]

Jim Gardner

The 38 Best Local News Screenshots of 2015

The local TV news is great. I am not exaggerating in any way. The local news — any channel, any time — is one of my […]


Cecily Tynan Beats Hurricane Schwartz in Long-Range Winter Forecast Battle

Thursday was pretty much the Super Bowl of the local weather wars, with 6 ABC gale force goddess Cecily Tynan delivering her yearly Winter Weather […]


WATCH: Adam Joseph Can Barely Handle This Local Haunted House

HalloweenWATCH A GROWN MAN SCREAM!Here is a piece for FYI Philly I did on the Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride. Does anyone look good when […]


The Best and Worst of Local News Snow Coverage

“Be sure to warm up before shoveling. You can walk around, or march in place.” This was actual advice, delivered by Action News, on Monday […]


45 Best Philadelphia Local News Screenshots of 2014

Philadelphia has a lot of television news. Several local stations produce hours and hours of local television content every day. Sometimes — often! — Philadelphia local news […]


Lawsuit: CBS3 Anchor Chris May Screwed Up Big Time

From the Dept. of What Could Be a Really Expensive Mistake comes this tale of a lawsuit filed against CBS Broadcasting and CBS3 news anchor […]


WATCH: Fire-Breathing Monster Goes After Millennials in Philly-Shot Short Film

Just in time for Halloween, born-and-raised Philadelphia filmmaker Joe Kramer has released his latest project. “Running the Gammatar” is a comedy that follows a group […]


Action News Does Great Job Helping Residents Without Power, Reports Action News

Like many of you, I’ve been watching more local TV news over the past few weeks. It’s been cold and snowy and icy and fewer […]

Be Well Philly

Pennsylvania Law Bans Strangers From Touching Pregnant Womens’ Bellies

Since the dawn of time, pregnant women everywhere have been subjected to the super creepy practice of having total strangers grab their growing bellies. Like, […]


21 Best Philly News Screenshots Ever

It was liked 22,000-plus times on Facebook, so by now you may have seen The 38 Best Things That Have Ever Happened on the Local […]


Derailment Threatens South Jersey Creek with Hazardous Chemicals

A freight train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed Friday morning into Mantua Creek, which empties into the Delaware River just across from the Philadelphia International Airport. […]


“Dancin’ On Air” Making a Comeback

Today in “is there anything that producers don’t want to reboot” news, Omni2000 Inc. and WPHL 17 are looking to bring back the popular local […]