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We Tried It: Primp & Play, Philly’s New Kid-Friendly Spa

This post originally appeared on Wee Wander, a website dedicated to helping parents navigate Philadelphia. I couldn’t help but have a knee-jerk reaction to the […]

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In PA, Day Care Costs More Than College

The Tribune-Review reports: “A national survey by student loan servicer Sallie Mae estimated that average prospective parents plan to save $38,953 in the 18 years […]

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Dispatch From the Front Line of the “You Are Not a Princess” Wars

On Wednesday, the Huffington Post published this story about a “pro-women” advertising campaign from a Kentucky-based all-girls prep school. Mercy Academy’s “You Are Not a […]

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Study: Day Care Could Cost You As Much as College

CBS Philly reports on a new study suggesting day care costs rival college in the tally of lifetime child-rearing expenses. The station talks to Shawn Towey, […]

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Jeopardy! Misspeller a Sore Loser?

It was Kid’s Week on Jeopardy! last week. Thomas Hurley, an eighth grader from Connecticut came in second place after misspelling the word “emancipation” during […]

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WATCH: Teens Turn Philly Into Parkour Stuntfest

Ever heard of parkour? Probably, but if you haven’t, here’s the deal: It’s basically really awesome, scary-looking acrobatics done in an urban environment. This scene […]

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Watch: 13-Year-Old Wins National Spelling Bee with “Knaidel”

Knaidel: “A Yiddish term of German origin meaning “dumpling.”” When Arvind Mahankali, of New York City, was told which word he’d need to spell correctly to […]

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Return of the Teenage Flashmob: 14 Arrested in Massive Center City Brawl [Updated]

They’re baaaack! Yesterday at 3:50 p.m., “100 to 200 young people were seen running near 15th and Chestnut Streets,” as an enormous fight either spontaneously […]

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School to Students: Stop Using That Damned Axe Body Spray

After a student had a severe allergic reaction to Axe body spray, Freedom High School in Bethlehem has asked all students to stop using the […]

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Jezebel Is Surely Coming for This Temple Student

Temple News columnist John Corrigan has come up with a unique way of breaking up with his girlfriend — discussing her menses on the internet: […]

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Atlantic City Cops Looking for Escaped 10-Year-Old Prisoner

As far as prison breaks go, they start ’em young in Jersey. Atlantic City police are on the hunt for a 10-year-old prisoner who busted […]