Jon Gosselin


Landlord: Jon Gosselin Abandoned a Kitten After I Evicted Him

Recently, Jon Gosselin was evicted from his Wernersville, Pennsylvania, home after bouncing rent checks. The owners say he was reneging on the rent-to-own contract he […]


Jon Gosselin Caught Masturbating on New Show

Gawker has video from the latest episode of Couples Therapy, and it seems that Jon Gosselin’s slide to the dark side is getting grosser than […]


WATCH: Kate Gosselin, 2 Daughters Give Awkward TV Show Interview

Kate Gosselin is going on a media blitz this week. She’s on the cover of People, sporting a new, superior haircut and her twin 13-year-old […]


Jon Gosselin to Make Reality TV Comeback Tonight

Tonight, recovering reality TV star Jon Gosselin falls back off the wagon. At 9 p.m., he’ll make his possibly triumphant return to cable for Episode […]


Jon Gosselin in the Wilderness

Following his Friday-night shift at the better of the two restaurants in Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania, Jon Gosselin emerges from its kitchen and asks if I want […]