John Guare


REVIEW: With Madaket Road, a Long, Intriguing Journey Comes to a Close

And so, the journey ends. In Lydie Breeze—a deeply ambitious trilogy of plays by the formidable John Guare, presented here at EgoPo with palpable love […]


REVIEW: In John Guare’s Aipotu, Utopia Ain’t What it’s Cracked Up to Be

When we last saw army nurse Lydie Breeze — in Cold Harbor, the first play of John Guare’s trilogy that bears her name — she […]


REVIEW: In EgoPo’s Lydie Breeze, the Ghost of Utopia

“I love Walt Whitman!,” exclaims Lydie, midway through John Guare’s hugely ambitious, sometimes thrilling, occasionally confounding Cold Harbor, the first of a trilogy of plays […]