Hurricane Sandy


Guess Which Area Governor Made Time’s “100 Most Influential” List?

No, not Tom Corbett, silly! Recent Time coverboy Chris Christie, for his role during Hurricane Sandy. (The entry was written by a fourth-grader whom he […]


Shore Could Lose FEMA Money Thanks to Christie’s Suspect Deal-Making

After Hurricane Sandy struck, Chris Christie awarded a bulk of the debris cleanup to a Florida company called AshBritt, without letting other contractors bid on […]


Is the Jersey Shore Coming Back? Wildwoods Named Top 10 Tourist Town

The Wildwoods, which were largely spared by Hurricane Sandy, have been named to FamilyFun magazine’s top-ten list of tourist towns. (This wasn’t some arbitrary ranking […]


Prince Harry To Visit Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

AP reports that Prince Harry—the naughtier, more-0ften naked brother—will visit New Jersey soon to tour areas hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. He’ll also raise money […]


Chris Christie Unveils $2 Billion Sandy Relief Plan

Having finally received storm relief money from those misers in the House of Representatives, Governor Christie has put forth a plan to spend it. Almost […]

sammy hagar beach bar

Sammy Hagar’s Beach Bar Is No More, But Chickenfoot Carries On

Onetime Van Halen frontman and Jersey Shore philanthropist Sammy Hagar has announced the dissolution of his relationship with Caesars Entertainment, his partner in Sammy’s Beach […]


Mary Pat Christie’s Sandy Relief Charity Hasn’t Donated a Penny Yet

Four months after Hurricane Sandy made landfall, the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund–run by First Lady Mary Pat Christie–hasn’t disbursed a penny of the $32 […]


This Weekend: It’s “A Shore Thing”

With snowstorms blowing up half the country and cold rain drizzling on what should have been a week of balmy, sunny days, it’s hard not […]


Chris Christie Gives Hurricane Sandy Victims an Extension on FEMA Relief

At 11:59 tonight, across-the-board automatic federal spending cuts–aka THE SEQUESTER–are set to kick in. But that’s not the only deadline that was spooking folks ’round […]


New Jersey Sues Hurricane Sandy Charity It Says Was Stealing Donations

The state of New Jersey has sued the founders of a group called The Hurricane Sandy Relief Foundation for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars […]


Seaside Heights Begins Post-Sandy Rebuilding Effort

Construction to rebuild the wrecked boardwalk at Seaside Heights has begun. Heavy equipment began drilling holes in the sand and pounding pilings into the ground […]


Battered Shore Town Denied Federal Funding to Rebuild Boardwalk

Ocean Grove, a South Jersey community whose boardwalk was ripped to shreds by Hurricane Sandy, was denied relief aid by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. […]


U2’s Bono Joins Pat Christie’s Star-Studded Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

It’s only a humanitarian crisis when Bono shows up. Today Hurricane Sandy received the official Bono imprimatur, as he’s joined fellow new arrival Brian Williams […]


FBI Busting Doors and Taking Names in Bob Menendez Prostitute Story

It all seems like so long ago now, that the conservative Daily Caller website attempted to pull an October surprise, just before the election, alleging […]


Pat Toomey Voted Against the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill

Give Sen. Pat Toomey this: He’s either really concerned about the deficit, or he doesn’t much care what his constituents think of him. Either way, […]