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You Can Take Healthy Cooking Classes at This Bryn Mawr Gym

If all it took to be fit was working out, we’d do okay. There are so many amazing and fun workouts around Philly that you really […]

healthy lunch near center city
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10 Spots for a Cheap and Healthy Lunch Near Center City

It’s time for lunch, and you’re starving. Where are you going to go? Related: What 6 Philly Nutritionists Really Pack for Lunch Every Day Thankfully, in the […]

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How Quitting Processed Food Helped Totally Transform My Body

Changing your body takes hard work, persistence, and dedication. Here’s one local’s story. Want to share your Transformation Story? Email Who: Gerald N. Munson II (@mrmunson_aap), 38, a […]

protein shakes
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6 Bottled Protein Shakes That Trainers Love — And Actually Taste Good

Sure, it’d be great if we all had time to blend up our own healthy, superfood-filled protein shakes every single day, but stuff happens. And when we’re […]

healthy sabrina's cafe
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The Healthiest (and Least Healthy!) Sabrina’s Café Brunch Options

If you’ve lived in Philly, you’ve probably hit up Sabrina’s Café for brunch on more than one occasion. For one thing, it’s delicious — for […]

healthy food around east falls
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Where to Find Self-Care and Healthy Food Around East Falls

Philly has an insanely wonderful fitness scene, but the truth is, many of us tend to stick to our own neighborhoods — we’ve all got […]

six pack creamery
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This New Philly-Area Ice Cream Brand Includes an Insane Amount of Protein in Every Pint

There’s no reason you can’t be healthy and also eat ice cream. That said, these days all ice cream is not at all created equal. From Halo […]

vegan protein source
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11 Plant-Based Protein Sources Philly’s Vegan Fitness Trainers Swear By

“But where do you get your protein?!” is a question vegans hear a little too often. Considering that there’s a ton of protein in plants, vegans and […]

organic restaurant
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Where to Find Organic Restaurants in the Philadelphia Area

We may have the best intentions to eat healthy, but how many of us think about the quality of fruits, vegetables, and meats that we’re […]

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Meet a Health Hero Semifinalist: Jared Cannon

» You can vote for Jared Cannon here from September 4th through October 2nd. Name: Jared Cannon Role: Founder of Simply Good Jars, a healthy food service that […]

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The Healthiest (and Least Healthy!) Things to Eat at Le Pain Quotidien

I’m a long-time fan of the Belgian chain Le Pain Quotidien, and I was over the moon when I heard they would open in Philly […]

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I Tried Philly’s New Vegan Energy Bar Before a Run — And My Stomach Was Fine

When it comes to eating before running, my personal motto is: just don’t. It doesn’t matter if I’m running three miles or thirteen — I’ve […]

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SoBol Is Giving Away Free Açaí Bowl Samples to Celebrate the Start of Summer

It’s hot out there, people. Really hot. And you know what’s our favorite thing to do on seriously hot days? Eat as much fruity, refreshing, […]

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Whole Foods Now Offers 2-Hour Delivery in Philly, Thanks to Amazon Prime

If I had a nickel for every time I ate eggs for dinner because I just didn’t have time to make it to my local […]

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74 Farmers’ Markets Around Philadelphia and South Jersey

One of the many, many perks of warmer weather is the lush and bountiful produce scene. Everything just seems to taste better — probably because […]