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5 Next-Level Men’s Grooming Treatments to Try Now

There have always been great barbershops and spas in Philly, but a new generation is shaking up the clip-and-dip playbook with a host of improved […]


VIDEO: 8 Bearded Philly Men on Why It’s Awesome to Not Shave

For those who needlessly bash our city’s sweats-and-jersey style legacy, let me direct you to the video above. Produced by Visit Philadelphia and Philly 360°, […]

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Philly Men Rank #15 in “Handsomest U.S. Cities”

Who is ready to move out to the West Coast? A new “study” by Grooming Lounge “triangulated American cities’ fitness scores with money spent on […]


Voorhees Man Sets World Record With His Toothpick Beard

Jeff Langum is famous. Or, rather, his beard is famous, a giant cloud of reddish-brown whiskers that stretches halfway down his chest. At the 2013 World Beard & […]


I Tried It: My Very First (And Last) Chest Wax

The nipples. The nipples are where I think it all went bad. I can’t remember. It’s all just a foggy, pain-filled memory now. Or maybe […]

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ACCESSORIZED: Men’s Shaving Kit

1. The TWINLUXE SHAVE TOWEL features two hand pockets at both ends designed for patting your face dry and wiping away excess shave cream, and […]