GOP Lawmakers Seek Impeachments Over Redrawn Pa. Congressional Map

Twelve Republican legislators have jointly filed resolutions requesting that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives vote to impeach four Democratic judges on the state Supreme Court […]


Martina White: The It Girl of Red Philadelphia

Martina White knew this was coming. Less than two weeks before the most shocking presidential election in modern history, the Republican lawmaker was sitting at […]


Former Head of Philly GOP Joins Trump Administration

The former head of Philadelphia’s Republican Party will join President Donald Trump’s administration. Joe DeFelice, who left the Philly GOP in April amid rumors that he would […]

mike meehan

Philly GOP Elects Mike Meehan as Chairman

Several days after former Philly GOP Chairman Joe DeFelice stepped down (likely to pursue a position in President Donald Trump’s administration), the party has elected […]


Jersey Shore GOP Candidate Caught on Tape “You Should F— Me”

A Republican candidate for a New Jersey Assembly seat is taking some flak after he was caught on camera telling a woman she should sleep […]


Pa. House GOP Passes its Own State Budget Bill

In response to Gov. Tom Wolf‘s $32.3 billion budget proposal in February, state House Republicans have passed a budget bill that calls for $800 million less in […]


Report: GOP House Speaker Mike Turzai Likely to Run for Governor

State GOP House Speaker Mike Turzai will likely run for Pennsylvania governor next year. 


Republicans Push to Challenge Write-In Win in 197th

A special election to fill a seat in the state House of Representatives on Tuesday took a surprising turn: voters in the 197th District in […]

pa. gop chairman

Pa. GOP Elects Chester County’s Val DiGiorgio as Chairman

State Republicans have chosen Chester County’s Val DiGiorgio as the next Pennsylvania GOP chairman. 


Pa. Senate GOP Fast-Tracks Anti-Union, Anti-Immigrant Bills

Much like President Donald Trump, Pennsylvania Senate Republicans are wasting no time in using their majority status to pass bills on their agenda. 


City Attorney Connected to Anti-Trump Graffiti Will Keep His Job

The city attorney who was connected to anti-Donald Trump graffiti in Chestnut Hill will keep his job, officials said this morning.


Philly GOP Wants City Attorney Connected to Anti-Trump Graffiti Fired Philadelphia police are investigating an assistant city solicitor in connection with anti-Trump graffiti found on the side of an upscale supermarket in Chestnut Hill on November 25th, according to […]


Philly GOP Taking Heat for Slow, “Tone-Deaf” Response to Hate Crimes

On the day that Donald Trump was elected president, a vandal spray-painted two swastikas on storefront windows in South Philly. One of the symbols was used […]


Inside Take: This Party (Still) Sucks

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider.)  Ok, Philadelphia. Its time for real talk. Like elderly parents with their 50-year-old son […]


Ann Romney’s “Real” Marriage

Ann Romney described her marriage to Mitt as a “real marriage.” It has LGBT advocates seeing red – but are they over-reacting?