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“10 Surprising Things Miley Cyrus and the Swiss Cheese Pervert Have in Common”

Every once in awhile, someone asks me how I go about coming up with topics for articles and blog posts. Since the fake, talking-to-college-kids answer […]


Peanut Chew Patriarch, Carl Goldenberg Dead at 85

Carl Goldenberg, who headed the family that made Goldenberg Peanut Chews, has died at age 85. Carl Goldenberg was one of the third generation of […]


Peanut Chews Billboard Contest

  Ah, the American Dream: a classic display of faultless cultural individuation, an oft-exchanged generational ideal, a compensatory model distending our brains with inspiration and […]


When Life Gives You (Pounds Of) Peanut Chews, Make The World’s First Ever Peanut Chews Happy Robot Man

What’s left to write about this week? Hop Sing Laundromat opened. Well, for one night, anyway. And Le Bec-Fin as we know it is formally […]


Goldenberg Peanut Chews Is Chewin’ It Old School

We are really enjoying the new ad campaign of longtime Philadelphia candy, Peanut Chews. The packaging has restored the Goldenberg name and the brand has launched […]