Goat Yoga

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You Can Take a Walk With Goats for Free, and It’s As Great as It Sounds

“Are you here for the goats?” Karen Krivit calls out. Strangely, I am indeed in Northwest Philly at the Awbury Arboretum (and metaphorically VERY here) […]

Be Well Philly

Monkey Yoga? Raccoon Yoga? Animal Yoga Has Officially Gone Too Far.

I’m not sure when we got our first press release about animal yoga. It was probably puppy yoga, and we all ooh’d and ah’d over […]

Be Well Philly

You Can Do Yoga With Baby Goats at This South Philly Park

You know what’s a good sure-fire to get everyone excited about a new yoga studio? Baby goats. Cute, cuddly, fuzzy little baby goats. Or at least, […]