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5 First Friday Openings to Check Out

Visions of The End @ Painted Bride Art Center Nikolay Milushev and Eric Toscano of InLiquid get dark with these works about the end of […]

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Arts List: 5 Ways to Get Your Culture Fix

Sunset, o639 Hours @ BalletX | November 16-20 BalletX kicks off its 11th season with the South Pacific-set Sunset, o639 Hours, created by company co-founder […]

Things to Do

Carré d’artistes New Philly Location Makes Original World-Class Artwork Accessible

Carré d’artistes is a known name across the pond in Europe, but for most Philadelphians, the new gallery that opened at 104 South 13th Street in what […]

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Philly Artists Mail Their Art Works to Complete Strangers

If a piece of art from a complete stranger fell through your mail slot recently, here’s why: Curator Laris Kreslins cultivated a team of more than […]

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THE ONE: Artist Sarah Kaizar On “Mars Show”

Local artist and Tyler School of Art grad Sarah Kaizar is showing her latest works in a solo exhibit called “Mars Show,” open now through November 30th […]

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Lynch-Themed Exhibit Opens at Kensington’s Pterodactyl

Is there really any time as fitting as Halloween weekend to open a show in praise and commemoration of David Lynch? (Okay besides Father’s Day. […]

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Want to See Celebs In the Buff? 25 Years of PETA’s Sexiest Nude Ads Are Coming to Rittenhouse

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) isn’t exactly known for its subtlety, and over the past 25 years the group’s advertisements have sparked many a […]

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What Remains Shows the Faded Glory of Decayed Spaces Via Art

“All of the beautiful places [Tracy Levesque] has photographed in the area no longer exist,” says Sara McCorriston, co-founder of the Paradigm Gallery and host of […]

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6 First Friday Picks for March: PhiladelphiaBURNOUT, Brian Keeler, The Poetics of Cartography and More

Things to Do

Philly Instagramers Get Exhibition at Metropolitan Gallery 250

Metropolitan Gallery 250‘s next exhibit, “250 x 250,” poses that there might be some true art hiding among the selfies and food porn (or some […]


Gallery: The Magnificent Gymnasium Ruins Beneath the Metropolitan

When Stephen Solms purchased an old YMCA just north of 15th and Arch in the 1980s, there was enough money for Historic Landmarks for Living […]

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Photos: Eagles Rout Bears, 54-11


Is Bloomingdale’s Coming to the Gallery?

HughE Dillon over at PhillyChitChat says that the Bloomie’s folks have been here four times to look at the Burlington Coat Factory space, and the […]


Congratulations, PREIT–the Gallery Is All Yours

As of yesterday, Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT) officially owns the Kmart at Ninth and Market–the one it paid $60 million for even though […]

City Life

What We Love: Free Admission to the Barnes

The Barnes Foundation is celebrating its grand opening this weekend on the Ben Franklin Parkway, where the new museum was built to house the impressive […]