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How Comcast Escaped Fyre Festival Doom

Comcast is just the latest name to be dropped in the Fyre Festival fallout, but the company’s connection has little to do with the botched […]

City Life

Philly Gets In On the Fyre Festival Lawsuit Action

Thursday didn’t go so well for rapper Ja Rule and Bucknell University’s Billy McFarland, the organizers of the colossal flameout that was the Fyre Festival. […]


Monday Morning TL;DR: Just Another Story About a Vegan Strip Club

Happy Monday, everyone? If you’ve found yourself here yet again, that means you’re wondering what that special button on Donald Trump‘s desk does. No, not […]


Fyre Festival’s Food Fiasco Is Not Stephen Starr’s Fault

At this point, you’re probably well aware of the Fyre Festival disaster unfolding in the Bahamas. The short and sweet of it: rapper Ja Rule and […]