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Frustrated With Philly’s Fringe Festival, Theater Artists Are Launching Free Fringe Philly

This September, as has happened every year since 1997, scores of performers and thousands of spectators will take to the city for the Philadelphia Fringe […]

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FringeArts Is Revamping Its Programming With a Series of Mini Fests This Year

Six years ago, the organization that birthed the artsy Philadelphia Fringe Festival way back in 1997 opened a permanent space on the Delaware waterfront. In […]

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Weekend in Review: 3 Fringe Shows, 2 Bloody Marys, and a Late Sandwich

Some years, I wind up not making it out to any FringeArts festival shows, mostly due to my schedule. But this past weekend, after spending […]

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Faces of the Fringe: Nightmarish Clowns, Killer Bears, and Wild Acrobatics

The 2018 Philadelphia FringeArts Festival has officially begun. The performers and creators from the “curated” part of FringeArts, meaning those handpicked and paid by FringeArts […]

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Eagles Opener Forced Postponement of Original FringeArts Opening Night

The FringeArts Festival’s official opening night was originally scheduled for this Thursday. But it turns out that the festivities had to be moved to Friday […]


I Love My Job: Fringe Festival Veteran Jess Conda

With the 21st annual Philadelphia FringeArts Festival in full swing, we thought we’d take a break from talking with CEOs and other high-paid honchos to […]


LGBTQ Event of the Week: 3rd Annual Trans Flag Raising Over City Hall

For its solidarity with the local trans community, this week’s LGBTQ event of the week is the 3rd Annual Trans Flag Raising Over City Hall. […]


FringeArts 2016: People to Watch

September is one of our favorite months of the year. No, not because the kids finally go back to school — well, that too — […]


Born Fat : When Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

There are some people that are so absurdly complex, so full of drama (of the literal kind), that you could easily see their lives as […]


PHOTOS: Thrilling Shots of All-Female Tangle Movement Arts at Fringe Festival

Tangle Movement Arts, Philadelphia’s all-female aerial dance theater company, is flying high at this year’s FringeArts Festival. Their production, The Girl’s Guide to Neighborly Conduct, features […]


Belgian Dancer Pieter Ampe Gets Naked with Portuguese Co-Creator Guilherme Garrido at the FringeArts Festival

The FringeArts Festival has made a name for itself by taking audience members out of their comfort zone. Some may not know if they’re up […]


PHOTOS: Queer Fringe Sneak Peek Party at Tabu

Last night, a selection of the FringeArts Festival‘s most intriguing queer and LGBT artists presented samples from their shows at a big old gay party […]


Tangle Movement Arts Tackles Romance, Conflict, Urban Space and Recycling in The Girl’s Guide to Neighborly Conduct

Think kinetic cityscapes, suspended ropes, trapeze duets, climbing silk curtains to clean cobwebs and an all-female ensemble of gender-bending, non-conforming performers. That is what you […]


Queer at FringeArts Fest: You Are the Hero

Each day this week, G Philly will be highlighting a different LGBTQ-themed show that is featured at this year’s FringeArts Festival. Get to know the […]