nurturing friendships
City Life

How the Coronavirus Shutdown Rekindled Our Appreciation of Friendship

I was five years old when I met my first best friend. It was summertime, and both of our families had just moved to town. […]

keep friends for life
City Life

Six Ways to Be a Good Friend for Life

For nearly two decades, Mary Beth McNeish Fedirko has been nurturing budding friendships as a preschool teacher at the Philadelphia School. Here, she shares universal […]

make friends
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Six Ways to Make New Friends in Philly in 2020

Even in the best of times, Philly can be a hard place to break into. Philly in 2020? Forget about it. But there are still […]

City Life

Now We Just Virtually Drop in on Our Friends All the Time

The other day, I sat down to answer an email I’d been meaning to respond to for a week. Just as I opened my laptop, […]

hanging out
Life & Style

The Lost Art of Hanging Out

I miss my best friends. That’s the thought that popped into my head a few months ago as I left work. So I sent out […]