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Be Well Philly

How TV Anchor Dana Perino Is Covering the News and Staying Fit from the Shore

Welcome to Sweat Diaries, Be Well Philly’s look at the time, energy, and money people invest in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle in the greater […]

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City Life

Fox News Uses Photo of Patti LaBelle in Aretha Franklin Tribute

I’m not sure what your Thursday entailed, but mine involved listening to Aretha Franklin songs on repeat while I worked in the office and read a […]

City Life

What’s On Jillian Mele’s Plate at Thanksgiving?

Fox News personality Jillian Mele suffers from serious Philly withdrawal. After working several years in front of her home audience on NBC10 and Comcast SportsNet, […]

City Life

Lenny Dykstra Defends Fox’s Eric Bolling, Vows to Sue Accuser

Amid his recent swift return to middling cultural relevancy, former Phillies All-Star and Mickey Rourke nemesis Lenny Dykstra has found himself embroiled in yet another […]