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Chain Gang Roundup: Chipotle Opens at Liberty Place

Chipotle is now open in the food court on the second floor of the Shops at Liberty Place. The food court location is Center City’s third […]

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Two Women Kicked Out of Upper Darby McDonald’s for Steamy Bathroom Tryst

Yes, you read that right. Customers were not pleased to discover two Upper Darby women “engaged in some type of sexual activity” in a McDonald’s […]

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See? It Really Wasn’t The Grossest Taco Bell Story Ever

We told you yesterday about this photo of a Taco Bell employee licking a whole stack of taco shells…. Turns out the whole thing was […]

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Honestly, This Isn’t The Grossest Taco Bell Story Ever

Sometimes, we journey beyond Philly to bring you only the smartest, most provocative stories. Like this one: NBC 10 reports: An employee licking a gargantuan […]

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World’s Most Crowded Trader Joe’s Expands

Man, have you been to Trader Joe’s lately? Instead of the cramped, clogged aisles that used to fill me with despair as I sought out […]

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Today: Get A Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Cone

Via, a reminder that today is the day to get free ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops are giving away free cones […]

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Inquirer Copies New York Times’s Wawa vs. Sheetz Story…Two Months Later

On February 9, the New York Times’s Trip Gabriel wrote an amusing account of Pennsylvania’s Sheetz vs. Wawa rivalry, delighting readers near and far. So […]

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Scandal! Subway’s Footlong Sandwich Isn’t

Let a thousand dirty jokes bloom: An Australian named Matt Corby has posted photo evidence suggesting that Subway’s footlong sandwich packs, instead, a measley 11 […]

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Florida Now Perfect, Has Both Beaches and Many Wawa Stores

Sometimes Wawa feels like that indie band you knew before it achieved great success. You’re happy to see it sell a few more albums, but […]

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Salmonella Fears Spark Wawa Fruit Recall

Fruit is being pulled from the shelves at 127 Wawa stores in four states, due to concerns about salmonella infection. Taylor Farms New Jersey recalled […]

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Cheesecake Factory Coming to Center City?

It looks like the two-story building that runs from Walnut to Moravian Street along 15th Street will be demolished to make way for a four-story […]