Flying Fish Crafthouse


Flying Fish Out at Brewerytown’s Flying Fish Crafthouse

Flying Fish Crafthouse, Brewerytown’s massive year-old brewpub, lost its TV star chef, Brian Duffy, in September because he and the management “weren’t seeing eye to eye.” Same goes […]


Brian Duffy Out at Flying Fish Crafthouse

Okay, so one of the weirdest things about the Flying Fish Crafthouse when it opened with Spike TV’s Brian Duffy as a partner? The menu. […]

City Life

Dollar Store Heiress Dana Spain Sued Over Big Bar Bill

The last we heard from Dana Spain, the glamorous Society Hill socialite was considering a run for mayor of Philadelphia, back when multimillionaire Tom Knox […]


Flying Fish Crafthouse Is Set To Open

On Monday, December 5th, Brian Duffy of Spike TV’s Bar Rescue is opening Flying Fish Crafthouse in Brewerytown. The massive 191-seat restaurant is located at 363 North […]