Flu Season

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We Mapped All the Places You Can Get a Flu Shot in Philadelphia

Fall season is officially here, which conjures other autumnal “f” words — flannel, firepits, football, and the most dreadful one, flu. The Center for Disease […]

City Life

Measles, Mumps, Flu: Is This Philly’s Sickest Season in Recent Memory?

People getting sick — it’s unavoidable this time of year, part of the miserable chorus of winter’s song. Some illnesses, your run-of-the-mill colds and sinus […]

Be Well Philly

Philly Ranks as One of the Worst Cities for the Flu This Year in a New Report

Does it suddenly seem like you and everyone you know is sick? Well, it’s not just you: The flu this year has been a doozy […]

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The Checkup: WTF Is ASMR? (And Do You Experience It?) 

• Around a year ago, one of my friends tried to explain the feeling of ASMR — which has spawned tons of ASMR YouTube videos (Google […]

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Germophobes, Rejoice! Jefferson Offers Skype-Like Service for Doc Appointments

A waiting room chair in a doctor’s office during flu season has got to be at the very the top of the Grossest Things on […]

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The Checkup: You Can Now Brew Cold Medicine in Your Keurig

• Uhhhhhh, here’s an invention we didn’t think would ever exist: CVS now sells cold medicine K-Cups for Keurigs. The acetaminophen and nasal decongestent-packed cups […]