fiscal cliff


The Roots Help NBC’s Brian Williams Slow-Jam the Debt Ceiling

Apparently when Jimmy Fallon wants somebody to spice up an incredibly tired, tendentious story about fiscal crises in Washington, he turns to Brian Williams. It’s […]


PA Delegation Plays Nice as Fiscal Cliff is (Semi) Averted

A day after we careened over the looming cliff (what, you didn’t feel it?), the frisky and mischievous House of Representatives finally approved the Senate […]


Boehner’s Fiscal Cliff Plan Crashes and Burns

In a moment of high Capitol Hill drama last night,  John Boehner tried and failed to get the House of Representatives to pass his “Plan […]


City Hall Carolers Make Up Song About the Fiscal Cliff

A group of City Hall carolers have achieved something I thought impossible–they breathed a flicker of life into the most ill-named and over-covered political story of […]

G Philly

The Fiscal Cliff’s Dire for LGBT Americans

We’ve been hearing predictions about the so-called fiscal cliff that threatens to turn much of the economy upside-down if the U.S. government doesn’t start agreeing […]