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Two School Reform Commission Members Resign

Two members of Philadelphia’s School Reform Commission, the appointed body that serves in place of an elected school board, have announced that they will resign. […]


Here’s What You Missed at Last Night’s Lively Town Hall on the Latino Vote

Wednesday night, five politicos sat in a row, most wearing blazers and glasses perched on their noses, fielding questions from a pair of journalists who […]


The Latino Vote Series — Join Us for a Different Kind of Conversation

Would a Donald Trump nomination drive Latino voters to the polls in November? Will Hispanics in Wyoming, New York and Pennsylvania back Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? If Ted Cruz won a contested nomination, […]


ThinkFest Recap: Farah Jimenez on How Bleeding Hearts Hurt Those They Mean to Help

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Within the very liberal city of Philadelphia, there’s the still more-liberal world of the non-profit sector; within […]


ThinkFest Preview: Farah Jimenez on Rethinking How We Solve Social Problems

Farah Jimenez doesn’t shy away from massive, intimidating, systemic problems. Last year, the Republican was tapped to tackle Philadelphia’s educational woes as a member of the School Reform Commission. […]